Our Policies

Quality Policy

  • Since its beginning in 1986, ‘Universal Electrical’, has been dedicating all its workforce energy and technical expertise for the complete satisfaction of its strong and esteemed client base by constant, the most modern, logical and economical engineering results with its heart on the following matters:
  • We at ‘Universal Electrical’ make sure that all our employees should always realize and thereafter contribute in the accomplishment of the quality in our services and the chain of production – thereafter releasing the service/product to the client and its installation at the client end.
  • We strongly believe, ‘the proper organization of the required assets and facilities in achieving the quality committed to the client, as the most important responsibility.’
  • We sincerely show gratitude to everyone associated with ‘Universal Electrical’, from our employees to our dealers / providers, who enthusiastically pursue all the above-mentioned quality norms that ultimately help us to attain the pinnacle of quality.

Safety policy

  • While performing all our technical tasks, we at ‘Universal Electrical’ are devotedly practicing the ‘Safety Plan’ meticulously designed by our talented managers, which as a fruit, provides not only the Safety but Physical Strength and Monetary Benefits also to all our human resources, customers and dealers / providers.
  • Besides the technical responsibilities, we also have safety, health and wellbeing of everybody linked with us as our main concern. It is the leading responsibility of our executive board that there should be protected work surroundings, along with the apt equipments and proper technical guidance at ‘Universal Electrical’.
  • All our controllers and our employees are trained with the responsibility to observe the safety and health procedures. Thus, any visitor can easily see a climate at ‘Universal Electrical’, wherein each employee has a great concern for the safety, health and welfare of their colleagues. This subsequently avoids the untoward occurrences like wounds, diseases and damage to any physical object. We are ever dedicated to the obedience of safety and health procedures.
  • ‘Universal Electrical’ is on its way to put into practice the aforesaid strategy, alongside the safety, health and welfare set of laws, principles and the practicing systems of our clients, appropriate to the relevant national and international edicts.